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Visual Banter Membership Site

We Take Humor Very Seriously

Turn Your Drawings
Into Finished Cartoons
With Amazing Concepts

Whether you are new to the art of cartooning or you are a learner or a seasoned veteran, Visual Banter™ has something for you. You will find yourself moving forward in your art, tackling the fundamentals, and also finding yourself with finished cartoons you can be proud you created.

You will find yourself transformed from someone who felt awkward about drawing grow confident over time at what you have drawn, and the abiltiy to share that interest with others because, who doesn't love a good cartoon?

Creating well-drawn
cartoons with great concepts will dial
your success to 11.

It's never too late to develop a new skill or to learn new things about existing skills. And that's what this membership intends to do, give you a road map and a place to go in your journey to cartoon excellence. With this skill you can do many things like create your own web comic, have an interesting illustration for a greeting card cover, or have a comic illustration that compliments an article or blog post.

If you feel like you have that artistic vision within you, but need some support and direction

to bring it to the surface, this is the membership

for you.

Hey there, I am Jim.

I have been an artist for as long as I could hold a crayon, felt tip marker, or pencil. I have been creating humorous pictures for decades and nothing gives me more joy than to see those images being enjoyed by others whether they are 9 or 99.

I've drawn hundreds of cartoons, I've worked on book series, had comic strips in magazines, and I've also illustrated children's books. I've created comic strips for birthdays, anniversaries, even wedding invitations.

I can take an idea and turn it into a cartoon. I can identify a image that is successful in it's execution of a funny concept. I can also see what can hinder or impede a good idea from reaching intended audiences.

The reason I am developing this, is I want to help people who are stuck, who feel no support, or who are just looking for a direction to take their cartooning. With all that is going on in the world, it needs laughter more than it ever has.

So What is the Visual Banter Process™?

This process will help the developing cartoonist go from  being unsure, frustrated and lacking good comic concepts to producing clean, creative, and well-composed comic illustrations.


The first step is to identify where you are

on the Track of Triumph as a cartoonist. The

way the membership is set up is to help you

implement the basic principles along the way

from gestation of an idea to illustration

of a comic concept.

By becoming a member, you will find yourself not only with cartoon panels and strips, but ideas on cartoons, and implementation of comic ideas that will persist as once momentum is found, inspiration follows. And you will have the visual language

and fundamentals to execute those ideas.


What's In This Membership?

This membership will consist of six stages. Each stage has a definite focus to it and will build towards the next stage. However, only you know for sure which stage you are in on the Track of Triumph™.

Each stage will have some short lessons dealing with an overview of the basics of cartooning. There will also be more in-depth tips and tricks in cartooning,


Also, waiting in the wings, will also be a community where questions can be asked and answered and a place to go when you feel unsure of where you are going or what direction your art is taking.

The first stage will deal with character creation fundamentals on how to draw the head and body in multiple poses and showing a variety of emotions. It will focus not only on facial expressions, but body language to convey what is going on in the cartoon.

It's no accident that this membership is called "Visual Banter." Here in the first stage you will

learn the fundamentals of a visual language

conveying narrative.

The second stage will be all about the gem of a concept. Will it be dialogue, caption oriented, or  both? We will also touch on composition and build order of the cartoon. This first concept will have two characters interacting with one another

and a comic caption, dialogue, or both within that interaction.

The third stage is all about the background. Not only the literal background, but the character backgrounds as well. Is your character angry? Are they shy? Do they live in a house? Do they work at an office or factory? Are they young or old? Male or female? Are they animal or human?

The literal and metaphorical background you create will frame your cartoon and should further clarify your comic concept.

The fourth stage is adding color to the comic. This  too is something to take into consideration. This stage will go through the diference between the foreground and background and ways to create contrast not only between character and lanscape, but between different characters as welll.

Stage five is adding depth to a comic. While a lot of comics don't do this much, as they just create more abstract in minimal shapes in the background,  there are other ways to bring up the foreground and to push back the background to add more clarity to your concept.

The sixth and final stage deals with where to go next with the comics. It will touch on building a portfolio, places to submit cartoons, as well as different gigs and jobs you can get in the realm of cartooning. While we can't guarantee you a job from the get-go, you will find yourself with direction and vision through this membership whether you are hobbyist interested in cartoons to someone who wants to make this their professional career.

There will also be bonuses that will be brought out each month. Bonuses such as :

• Tips and tricks of cartooning

• Blog posts surrounding the topic of

humorous illustration.

• Cartoon Panel and Strip Templates

• Cartoon prompts and ideas to

implement them.

• Links for further reading.

What's This Going To Cost?

Sure, you could do what I did and occasionally get books on cartooning, search high and low for people who share your interest and hopefully then propel your work forward.

But why stop there? Why not start this exciting venture with me as we figure this out together. You need a place to call home in regards to cartooning, and I need a focus for my time and energy and a way to give back to the world.

For the half the price of a movie theater ticket and popcorn you can get something that will

last for years to come.

If you find yourself not liking the experience then you can ask for a refund in the 14 days, and you will get your money refunded.

And right now, at the ground floor the price is
This is for founding members at the very beginning of this membership.

Think of it, a community, lessons, and templates all dedicated to the funky craft of cartooning, and all in one place. Learn to overcome common frustrations unique to cartoonists and talk to those you share the journey with.

Enroll Now To
Jump-Start your
Cartoon Journey!

Right now there is a special early adopter...founding members subscription that will not last long.

Before a blink of an eye it will be gone.

The reason it is here now is it gives you a chance to get in on the ground floor and collaborate and create something special with me. A place where like-minded cartoonists can support

and encourage one another in their journey.

For the Price of $19.99/month. That will

be your membsership cost from here

for your lifetime on this site or until you cancel.

You'll get:

Access to any and all lessons

Any bonuses or templates offered.

Access to the Community

Access to the Blog

Access To any of the incentives offered
when the membership doors reopen.

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