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Jimmy Gleeson an Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Visual Artist.

Jimmy started drawing at around the age of six as a liberation from the

down-time and tedium provided by the public school system of the early 1970's. Like many things, in learning, one size does not fit all. Drawing allowed him to listen to teachers and entertain his other senses while in the process of learning.

Over the years, Jimmy has often been accused of living in his own little world. That world provided escape from some of the less-appetizing aspects of the world like the Cold War, the Energy Crisis, and shag carpet. The world of his imagination leans towards the whimsical and surreal.

Jimmy has a romantic streak. Whereas some want to paint with gritty lines the cracks in the pavement, he want to smooth them over, fill them with multicolored grout, and smooth the texture out to renovate the entropy.

He tends to bring comedy to the deadly serious, and takes his irreverence very seriously.

Jimmy Gleeson is pulled in many directions. He loves art, along with writing and music. Karaoke has been a big part of his life over the last two years, and there is always the hope some day to gain the stage and do a five minute set of standup comedy.

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