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This is Day 8 of the Inktober Challenge. The prompt was "teeth." When was the first time you were confronted by something like this? When I was a kid and we went to Hilton Head, at night after a trip to a restaurant and a long day at the beach, we might take a trip to the local golf course and look for crocodiles. It was a fun past time and each time we went, we hit pay dirt. We were always far enough away though as we weren't in any real danger. The crocs were also a bit smaller than the one pictured above. Nowadays, I imagine there are signs galore warning of crocodiles, many people probably shun the idea of actually finding one, and definitely would not be a past time to bring your kids to, would it? But when I was a kid we did a lot of things now that would be deemed unsafe. We road bikes without helmets, played in the woods till dinner time without adult supervision. We rode in the front seat of a car without a seat belt, had diving boards. The closest bit of fear was my dad was a bit of a freak about life jackets and pool safety. I remember one Easter getting a brand new set of roller skates, and skating all the way through my neighborhood to about a mile away so I could skate down some real nice grades, all without pads. Granted, safety is a smart thing, I had a fractured wrist from skating to prove that, but in some ways a broken bone was a badge of honor...or a rite of passage in childhood. This was created over the course of two sessions. The first one being on a Thursday night/Friday morning. The second session was earlier today until now. #inktober #inktober2020 #day8 #teeth #digital #illustration #black #white #smile #crocodile

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