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No Going Back

  • My truck was towed away today—for good. It’s been on it’s last legs for a year now. The engine sounded like a rusty laugh. Recently, I had the brakes done, thinking it would last longer than it did. Then, the transmission went. Thinking about it, the transmission has been on a downward slide for a few years.

 A couple weeks ago it could no longer go in reverse. I found this out after a night of karaoke and I couldn’t back out of my parking spot. At some point I had to throw in the towel. So it looks like my mode of transportation for awhile will either be delivery, or walking. That truck got me through some times. I wouldn’t say bad times or tough times. To be honest, THESE are tough and bad times. No, my truck led me through the fun salad days of my existence.

  • I drove the truck to exotic places like Florida to meet with my Aunt and Uncle on my dad's side which had access to Disney and the Beach.

  • It was my solace and home away from home when I went to Cleveland for another cousin’s wedding.

  • I visited my Aunt and Uncle on my mom's side of the family up in Western NY. I always think of Bemus Point, NY as a "quiet warm place" to get away from it all, but last time there, it was bustling.

  • I made the cross country trip to California in November of 2004 in that truck and it became my little piece of Georgia that was my embassy in the land of California.

  • The truck was the place that got me to the places I wanted to go. Karaoke Bars, Critique Groups, and moments to get out and actually live life. And now it’s gone. For some reason, I am fairly sentimental about such things. I won’t say that I kept the best care of the things that I’ve owned (or owned me) but I have cared about them even as at times I have taken it for granted. I sat in my truck for a good thirty minutes today, listening to the Bluetooth after market stereo and thinking about those times. Most recently, the truck was where I would queue up an Amazon song list and see if it could surprise me with any new karaoke ideas. Now I’ll just have to hit the road, and be, once again, a Streetlife Serenader. In your life, what’s something you miss that’s been broken or lost? #visualbanter #truck #gone #things #own #transportation #lifestyle #thoughts #sentimental #journey

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