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McCartney & Music

Along with the stirrings of coming of age, I developed a newfound love of music to parallel my hormonal surges and accompanying emotional angst. One of the first albums I received was Paul McCartney's "Tug Of War" album. I was a huge Beatles/McCartney fan in that time. "Take It Away," "Tug of War," and "Ebony and Ivory" were the big hits of the album, but the ones I liked were the lesser known "The Pound is Sinking" and "Wanderlust." "Somebody Cares" is also a song that comes to mind anytime it feels like the world is indifferent.

96 Rock would play the Beatles as a way of waking up in the morning...and as I negotiated the craptastic journey known as the bus ride to school, there was some relief with the occasional Beatles tune to let me know that all was not dog-eat-dog in the world of adolescence. Day27, the Inktober prompt is "music" and McCartney and the Beatles is one of the first assocations of the word "music." But there are many more as well. One thing that was never lacking in the Gleeson household was music. Dad loved his machines. We had multiple band know the ones you associate with popcorn, cotton candy, and merry-go-rounds. We had a Nickelodeon as well, and that was a fixture in our lives when we were at Tucker and now resides in my brother's house. And then there was the Wurlitzer Jukebox. Not to mention a Baby Grand and an upright player piano.

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