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It’s Inktober 2020!

Hard to believe it has been a year. A lot has happened, and I don’t think I will do a recap. Does anyone want a blow by blow retrospective of the last six months? Rather have a root canal? Maybe get audited? Or have a tire blow out after a bad run in with a pot hole in a Checker’s Drive Thru.

No greater sign of the times than getting a flat tire, and I got one tonight on the way home…went through a drive thru and there was a big pot hole that I believe finally claimed the car tire. I didn’t know until it felt like I was re-entering the atmosphere on my way home.

What can you expect over the next month?

I would like to think there will be plenty of posts like the one you are reading now. Not lengthy, but not short either. Maybe I could go through the mindset of what I was thinking while I draw.

Initially, I was thinking for “Fish” I was going to do a drawing of Abe Vagoda who played the character role that became a spinoff sitcom back in the seventies. Fish was supposed to propel Abe Vigoda to comedy stardom following Barney Miller and for some reason, I thought the show was something I was going to want to watch. In practice though, for a kid of impressionable age, I thought the comedy fell flat, and nothing “felt” funny about what I considered at the time to be a “comedy of misery."

The Abe Vagoda “Fish” Cartoon was kicked to the curb. Instead, I am in the middle of an online course about composition design, and I have to say I fall into the trap of thinking I don’t need to know much about composition design, when it is clear that I do. I do a lot of designing in my head, or I “discover” it along the way. Probably not the best way to create works of art all the time.

This time around, I did a lot of thumbnail sketches of “fish.” I opted on one featuring a whale shark chasing down a fish. The vast majority of time was spent on drawing and rendering the whale shark. I think I could have rendered his spots a bit better than I did, but I do like the angry intense look of its dead eyes. If 2020 were a shark...

Next up for tomorrow is “Wisp.”

The drawing was put on hold due to organizational and administrative concerns, as well as a trip to the tire store. The tire replacement took, and so far appears no rejection of the tire is occurring by the car at present.

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