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Digging Myself Even Deeper...

This inktober drawing answers the visual question "Dig." Can you dig it? I think I can relate to the character in this picture. Digging himself even deeper into whatever hole he has gotten himself into, and sadly, there is good company. Like the skeleton that appears in this picture, so is the former structure of our lives.

Just the other night, we talked about the way things were like it was a bygone era, but it was only seven months ago... This year has been one of uncertainty. This is an understatement. It is a constant barrage of "unprecedented." I am sure there were similar times...but for this person, who has only been on this spec of dirt floating around our sun, for a burp of time, these times are unprecedented. We are seeing countries closing for business right now like Wally World. Apparently, the UK is closing for business as "cases surge." Elsewhere there are people who without provocation are battening down the hatches and pulling their metaphorical blankets over themselves who would have "DO NOT DISTURB" signs on their door which only open for "contactless delivery." Even in our little region of the world there are places opening and closing, not to mention the odd rules and restrictions that are present or missing depending on the venue you go to. It's enough to make your head spin. I know of two restaurants in particular that closed for business after someone tested "positive" for the virus. They are back open now, but what is the end game here? Each time someone tests positive we get on the Quarantine merry-go-round?

"The constant question being asked in my mind is "What is the end game?"

I won't get into the in's and out's of it, but it certainly dampens enthusiasm. We also have the uncertainty of an election, the uncertainty of travel, the uncertainty of perception/reality. Those of you on social media can glean my take on some of these things, I haven't completely kept my views to myself, but I believe you didn't sign up with me as a friend, account, etc. to get my take on current science or political views (I could be wrong). It's my hope that in a sea of uncertainty I can offer an oasis of hope, and without all the hot air and polarization that is ever-present in our social media climate. As I dig myself deeper into the unknown, just know that for those of you all also bathing in uncertainty, you have company. What uncertainty have you found yourself immersed in over this year?

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