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Buddy, Hide!

I have yet to sing a Buddy Holly karaoke song. Sure, I have sung "Peggy Sue" in the shower a couple of times, and maybe while listening to terrestrial radio back in the day, not to mention the movies that feature him or Richie Valens in a movie, but not Buddy Holly. Those of you who have stuck around and watched my illustrating over the years are probably shocked to "not" see a picture of Buddy The Elf as the goto response to the day 25 prompt. I hope you are sitting down, but it "feels" wrong to draw Buddy the Elf while pumpkin spice is in the air, and cobwebs cover restaurant windows. So here is my Buddy Holly which looks like a cross between Liberace and Adam Carolla, which if you look at a picture of Buddy Holly, looks kind of like a cross between Liberace and Adam Carolla. I'll let you google that and use your imagination.

Playing catch-up, I have a second prompt for day 26 entitled "Hide." For this one I wanted to show a monster hiding. This is pretty cliche' to be honest. Plenty of monsters hiding under the bed, etc. so I wanted to make mine a bit different. This one, the monster is ridiculously huge, and the girl is playing hide-and-go seek with him.

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