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Autumn Approaches and Remembering Snickers

I still have that incredible deal going on at Patreon, become one of my first five patrons and receive a 1-5 chance to get an illustration from me for almost free (you just have to subscribe).

Check it out here!

This month, I have a huge project I am working on. I say “huge” but in the grand scheme of things it might only be moderately big. I suppose I am using “huge” in the same way people used “epic” a couple years ago.

Remind me to post a sketch I did recently with a guy wearing an “Epic Parsley” t-shirt.

The big project is a chapter book. I’m required to do eight plus illustrations, plus cover illustrations and various other filler images throughout the book. This past week, I’ve been designing the cover.

Aside from that, I am going over all my different social media platforms and streamlining my marketing strategy. I am endeavoring to figure out how to say “hey, I am here” without being super annoying. One of the ways I am tackling that is injecting variety.

I know that repetition has a purpose, but have you been on a streaming service and get a steady diet of the same commercial at each break? After awhile you entertain ideas of tracking down the ad agency and giving them a nice kick in the buttocks. I entertained the idea of saying “tookus” here, but I thought “buttocks” was far more descriptive without degenerating into the profane.

Also, on the side, I am creating a cat portrait.

This whole juggling multiple projects thing is new to me.

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