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A Wedding Anniversary Comic?


time I get a commission there’s always some push back...from me. This must be how agents and editors feel when they look at my novel idea and it doesn’t line up with what their version of what my story should be.

This is probably how I feel when I’m sitting in a movie theater and see something that deviates from the way I want it to be in a disappointing fashion. It probably was how I felt when that Game of Thrones character didn’t have the payoff they were supposed to have in the final season.

You want a comic about your anniversary?

The thing is, this is actually in my wheelhouse. All comics don’t have to be humorous. They can be touching and poignant. Just watch a PIXAR movie or read comic book and it covers many topics.

And I am, at my core, a hopeless romantic. If we meet in public, we can go blue as you want. I am not bashful, I won’t back away from Rated R material. But there is a side of me that loves being in love. I can go full on corn and mush. I have 28 CD length playlists of love songs that would assert this side of me.

At face value though, a comic about an anniversary doesn’t sound like fun. So at first, I resisted. And then I started getting into it. I started “feeling” the commission. It wasn’t instant. There were times I struggled. I remember actually thinking…another five panels of THIS?!? 

Meanwhile my mind was turning it over.

It became fun and something I was grateful for. A chance to enter into people’s lives I’ve never met and probably would never meet. So I worked, and enjoyed it, and in the process, I grew. And next time maybe there will be a little less push back. Also yeah, if you want a comic about your anniversary, I can do a comic about your anniversary.

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