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A 52-Year-Old Rube

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I am 52 years old, and yet a rube when it comes to business.

Others have described me as “tender-hearted” and “sensitive.” I don’t know about that. I can be as insensitive as anyone. And I hate people that use buzz words like “kind” and “sensitive” like they were on some separate platitude than the rest of us.

The downside of being “tender-hearted” and “sensitive” is that I might be considered “naive” or “gullible.” I checked the dictionary under gullible, and my face is not pictured there. But I am naive in thinking that people will, if given a chance “do the right thing.”

This past week I burned calories and hours working on a 6 panel comic for someone’s anniversary using the Fiverr app. We had a great interaction. A lot of back and forth. They were patient and positive. They made suggestions for changes. I made those changes, and completed the task assigned to me.

And didn’t get paid.

Yes, I sent a custom offer based on what they wanted. They acted as if they had given the go ahead. When I mentioned the offer they were supposed to click on including an agreed upon price, they claimed to have missed it. So I sent it again.

The kicker is I sent them the source file they could use. And still they hadn’t clicked on the offer. And so here I am, after doing some sweet work, with no monetary reward to it.

Now, it’s not a total wash. I have a good piece of art for self promotion. I also am a bit wiser, at least until I blunder into the next naive thing. Live and learn.

UPDATE: I finally got back to them and it turned out to be a big misunderstanding. They thought they had paid, and on my end, I treated the job as if it had already been paid, so that's on me. So if you recognize any of the people in the cartoon below, rest assured they are awesome, salt of the earth, people.

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